Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Gary Hollis
7am - 12pm


Mozart: Symphony No. 40
Stuttgart Kammerorchester/Dennis Davies

Wednesday, April 23

A Coffin in Egypt

Friday, April 25

A Coffin in Egypt

Saturday, April 26

The Second Part of Henry VI


Updated: 9/30/2012 22:24

Frankie is a 37lb goofball that looks like he is a Boxer in terrier clothing.He is very friendly and nice to kids and other dogs. It is clear that this previous owners didn't spend much time training him so he needs to learn basic commands. He is already walking pretty well on a leash. He has a great attitude and loves to be around people, play fetch, run at the dog park, and be a part of your family. Although he can be trusted with children, we recommend older kids who will know how to ignore him when he play-bites (just soft nibbles but this still needs to be discouraged). His vet papers state that he is 4 years old but if that's true he must be using Crest White-strips because his teeth can blind you!He thrives in a house with a yard and another playful dog and sleeps quietly through the night in a crate.

Male DSH Flame Point Siamese