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Sophia is full of energy and loves water. She tends to be submissive when meeting new dogs but when properly introduced she gets along great. She walks on a leash very well and is well behaved. She sleeps in her crate and we are working on potty training. She is just a happy kid. We that an energetic family will adopt her because this dog LOVES water and any water bowl can become her swimming pool.

Gentle Molly has come to stay with us for a spell and we're just tickled to have her! At first introduction, this beautiful, short-haired, calico girl might scurry away for a moment, but don't let her shyness fool you! 10 scritches behind this little darling's ears and she's wrapped all around your legs, complete with purrs! Poor Molly here was an owner surrender because another member of the family developed allergies to that gorgeous coat of hers. But lucky for our followers and friends, she's available here for adoption and cuddles in the meantime! She's only 5 years old, 8 pounds, and a sweet little darling on top of it all. So if you're thinking of adding another angel baby to your life, come on down and meet Molly! You'll be very glad you did!

Timmons Subaru is dedicated to connecting pets with new best friends through their involvement with ASPCA. Timmons Subaru is passionate about pets.

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