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Piano Trio No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 66
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Friday, April 25

A Coffin in Egypt

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The Second Part of Henry VI

Saturday, April 26



Updated: 7/11/2013 08:35

Sunflower's (A1403540, 1 year old, 16 pounds) in bloom right now. This is her favorite season, when the weather is warm and she can hang out with you during the day, soaking up the rays, or on those balmy nights on the porch. Or anywhere else for that matter. What a charming, adorable little girl. So quiet at first in her kennel, unsure if she was going to be euthanized after suffering injuries. Word was that she was attacked by some nameless, homeless person. Someone else mentioned an accident with a car. Sunflower was mighty worried. Her eye hurt and her leg was stiff. But, medical staff could not ignore this beaming beauty and promptly did what they had to. Sunflower underwent surgery, lost one eye, but came out of it all a super success.

Sunflower's smile is a testament to our caring vet staff and to the resilient spirit of a fabulous dog. She is such a joy to be around, always smiling and sweet. We could barely contain our urge to pull off her cone and let that spirit soar with happiness. But, we refrained. Don't worry about crossing your t's or dotting your i's -- just sign on the dotted line -- of the adoption contract. Sunflower is in ISO at the South L.A. shelter 1850 West 60th St. L.A. 90047 (Western & Slauson, just off the 110 Freeway). (213) 485-0214. And please let me know if you do adopt / rescue as others often ask about these doggies.

Brandon is a handsome male Siamese kitten available for adoption at the Lange Foundation. You will get lost in his blue eyes! He's all kitten: Cute, Cuddly, and Curious. Check him out today and all of our kittens looking for a home.