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The great Duke hit pay dirt when an officer in S, Central wanted to help this street dog. He called upon "Hope for Paws", Eldad to come to the rescue. Duke was so exhausted, he pretty much surrendered to Eldad. He is so sweet. Described as a big pussycat. He was fostered with a family with kids and he was great. The 3 year old crawled all over him. He weighs 85 pounds of love. Duke will settle in quickly. He will require some minor training. Duke should be the only pet in the house. He is around 4 years old. A perfect age to fit right into your home.

Hello! My name is Stacie! I am a vibrant 1 year old Manx Mix. I was found as a stray and taken to the local shelter where The PRC couldn't resist my adorable face and cute little butt. I'm unique in that I have no tail! I love to play with toys and have tons of personality and don't seem to mind other cats or dogs. I am a special needs kitty and will need to be managed with medication for the remainder of my life.

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